the nature of craft, processes and materials

Stockholm Design Week • 7–10 February 2018 • 12.00-19.00
LM Ericssons väg 1, Telefonplan

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Victor Alge

- Alces Alces -

What’s the nature of you?
A designer with a background as a carpenter. Based in Stockholm and currently doing a Master in design at Konstfack.

What’s the nature of your process?
My way of working is often based on a production method or a material´s built in affordances, working close and intuitively with the material sketching directly in it.

What’s the nature of your material?
The material in this project is leather parchment from Tärnsjö garveri and aluminum sheets. Parchment is the state of skin if no tanning has been done to it. When it is put in water the skin gets soft as a textile and allows to be sewn in, when it dries it gets hard as fiberglass or a plastic.

What’s the nature of your work?
This project started during my bachelor thesis where I examined what could be done with the remains from the traditional elk hunting that takes place every fall in Sweden. I made a number of objects, all from skin, bone and hair. This project is a further exploration of skin. I have sewn parchment structures, later inflated with compressed air. Turning a textile construction that is still somewhat two dimensional into a hard stable three dimensional structure.

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