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Stockholm Design Week • 7–10 February 2018 • 12.00-19.00
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- Lovikka IV -

Size: 90 x 140 cm
Material: Wool
Technique: Handwoven

What’s the nature of you?
I’m an artist, based in Stockholm, working mainly with weaving as a tool to create architectural/ sculptural textile objects. The intricacy of the woven structure is one of my primary interests: how the threads move and build up the weave, how the specific weaving technique decides their movement and how different fibres, yarn qualities and treatments affect the outcome. I enjoy thinking about weaving as a form of engineering.

What’s the nature of your process?
Curious, investigative, fun. I would say that my process is defined by an in-depth approach, where I thoroughly study the technique and material at hand. The work includes a lot of testing and sampling to get to know the material and the technique in order to learn it’s potential and challenge it’s boundaries.

What’s the nature of your material?
Lovikka IV is made in Swedish wool, spun in a small scale factory in the north of Sweden. The yarn in fluffy, light and dip-dyed for visual effects. Wool also has excellent qualities including being sound absorbing, holding air, retaining heat, being elastic as well as fire resistant.

What’s the nature of your work?
Lovikka IV has evolved from the project Strukturbiblioteket which is a growing archive of hand woven structures. Lovikka IV is developed from one of the samples in the project, and as all other pieces in Strukturbiblioteket it’s made in a technique called waffle weave or honeycomb - a technique where the threads form a three-dimensional structure. The relationship most people have with this techniques is from dish cloths, towels or blankets. Practical, functional objects without much status, usually found in people’s homes. This seemingly banal technique manifests itself completely different when scaled up, and the structure and each thread become visible.

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