the nature of craft, processes and materials

Stockholm Design Week • 7–10 February 2018 • 12.00-19.00
LM Ericssons väg 1, Telefonplan

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What’s the nature of you?
I explore the world through making. Whenever a question pops up in my mind it is as if I cant get rid of it until it has been materialised and is standing in front of me in solid form.

What’s the nature of your process?
I always let the process take control both over me and my work. My role is to keep track and stick to the path. I have never worked material-specific, I rather stay occupied with the constant struggle to throw myself into new materials and techniques. Surrounded by the yet unknown, work becomes a balance of detecting the properties of the material and what I might be able to achieve. The search to find my own work process has been long, but my found strategy opens up for a humble attitude towards my shortcomings. To let yourself be involved in a dynamic process is to acknowledge the fact that there are always new things left to discover and learn.

What’s the nature of your material?
For this project I have chosen to work in copper. It's not gold, it's not silver and it's not even bronze. Copper is merely a neglected metal that simply falls outside the ranking. I ask myself why that is the case? To me, copper is a real top candidate. It both possesses a shiny pinkish colour and changes in a truly magical way over time. In this project I let copper take the prestigious form of the winners trophy. At the same time it acts as a symbol of a most ordinary metal, which affects the value of the same gestalt.

What’s the nature of your work?
I just obtained my first trophy. This year I'll become 35 years old and all my life I've always competed in different ways. On the other hand, it's obvious that I'm second-rated, because I never ever come in first place. But as long as it's not Monopoly, that never really mattered to me. To me it is the competition itself that drives and challenges me to continue the game and to ultimately master what I find difficult. As with my new copper trophy, I got it because I managed to make it!

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