the nature of craft, processes and materials

Stockholm Design Week • 7–10 February 2018 • 12.00-19.00
LM Ericssons väg 1, Telefonplan

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- Pedestals -

Size: 8–25 cm
Material: Oak, pine, ink
Technique: Hand carved

What’s the nature of you?
I'm driven by progress. I need constant movement in some direction to be satisfied.

What’s the nature of your process?
What’s most important to me is the act of doing – the sensation of spending time with a material. It’s like an equation where time, labour and material sums up into an object.
I see myself as producer of knowledge rather than a producer of objects. The objects are not made to be used by anyone; they become something like trophies of accomplished processes instead.

What’s the nature of your material?
For the Pedestals I used found pine and oak that I hand carved into shape, a slow but very rewarding technique. In general I don’t limit myself to one specific material and that is both good and bad. I need progress, hence I constantly try out new materials and techniques – but there is never time enough for me to master them.

What’s the nature of your work?
The Pedestals are subordinate as objects and need to stand in relation to something else to be activated, an approach I found interesting. Keeping them simple became significant and the square format quickly came to my mind. It’s an uneconomical shape from a wooden perspective and therefore tempting somehow. I strived for a low-key appearance and yet I wanted them to have some character left, keeping them raw and using ink became the solution.

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