the nature of craft, processes and materials

Stockholm Design Week • 7–10 February 2018 • 12.00-19.00
LM Ericssons väg 1, Telefonplan

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Erik Hidemark

- Den förlorade känslan -

What’s the nature of you?
I'm a designer based in Stockholm doing my Master in design at Konstfack.

What’s the nature of your process?
Design can clarify, investigate and academically discuss the effects objects has on humans. I´m interested in design as a tool for discussions. I'm using the physical object as the narrator of stories. The process is crafty and intuitive.

What’s the nature of your material?
In this project, Handicraft and Industry, I use clay because of its connection to craft, the human hand and the making. The clay itself is formless and has no inner movements or energy comparing with the fibers of wood or forces in metal. The clay gives opportunities, it has no expectations or limitations. It is, as I see it, a material that is more free for imagination.

What’s the nature of your work?
Using machines to explore the possible tensions between craft and industry. These machines examine the relationship between handicraft and industry, the hand and the machine. How can I break down tensions between the two in order to ascribe qualities normally seen in handicraft to industrially produced artefacts? The direct communication between the crafter and the material, the history that the hand leaves imprinted in the object and the presence of the hand, are discussed in relationship to industrial productivity. I'm studying the possibility of making craft without communication between human and artifact.

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